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كلمة العميد (باللغة الإنجليزية)

The Graduation Ceremony of The College of Ability Development

 On 19/12/2016

 To the Graduates from the Dean …

“Ready for Tomorrow”

            Congratulations to the graduates who are being honoured today having completed their studies – some completing the Baccalaureate Degree in “Special Education and Rehabilitation” and others the Diploma Degree in “Emergency  Medical Technician.”

            You are graduates of two important programs and you are well prepared to enter your chosen professions.  Professions that provide essential services to the people of your country.

            The history of the University College of Ability Development is one of commitment and development, with high academic standards and a “people oriented” focus within the professions.  Over the years, graduates of the College have contributed to developments in their profession, maintaining the high standards set by the College.  A number of graduates have continued studies to obtain a Master Degree, and some have worked further towards a PhD.

            I am confident that you who are graduating today will continue this tradition of commitment and a continuing search for further knowledge in your professions.

            It is important for you to reflect, as you graduate from the College, on the support that is given to the College and to the students – and from which you all have benefited.

            The Palestine Red Crescent Society has continued the support, vision and commitment set by the late President of the Society, Dr. Fathi Arafat. He was instrumental in the establishment of the College; he was committed to the inclusion of and provision of opportunity for persons with disabilities; and he worked constantly to ensure the high standards of the ambulance services.  The Palestine Red Crescent Society continues this legacy.

            In addition to the theory of the academic subjects within your course of study, as students you experienced significant field work practice. The value of the practical experience is great and recognition is given to the important role of the many centres, schools and hospitals throughout the Gaza Strip which accept students of the College for the field work practice.

            The many lecturers who have conducted lectures related to their special fields of knowledge have provided you with the framework of your professions, and have at the same time provided you with professional models. They have given you the knowledge and frame work from which you have developed towards your professional goal. Their contribution is greatly valued.

            Recognition is also given to the organizations and individuals who have generously donated funds that have made a major contribution towards the purchase of equipment, construction, and the general running of the College.

            Also I wish to express appreciation for the work of the College staff and the support of other department. A special thanks is given to the team who have worked so hard to make this celebration possible.

            And of course it is important not to forget the role played by your families who have given ongoing support of your endeavours – and who will be so very proud of you as you graduate following years of study. Words are inadequate to express the appreciation to family for their support.

It is important for you to reflect on this range of support that exists. You are not alone.  You have been valued as students and you are moving into professions which are important and highly valued by the community.

            You are “ready for tomorrow” and I wish you well as you step into your “tomorrow” to practice your professions and so contribute to the overall development of the community; to give important services needed within the education and health sectors of your country.

Congratulations to you all.

Jean E. Calder AC; DSc (hon) (UQ); PhD (PSU); MA(UCon); BA; AEd; Dip.PE; CTTSC (UQ); CT (QTTC).

Dean, University College of Ability Development (PRCS)

December 2016.

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